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Not all animal and bug control services are equal …

Yes, not all animal and bug control services are equal. Most are national chains or regionally owned. Not us. Armstrong Animal & Bug Control is a local, family owned business for the past 16 years that has won wide acclaim from its customers. We have built our business a little at a time, always treating our customers with a high degree of service. It is one of the reasons why we retain over 98% of our customers every year! And, it is another reason why were selected for the 2012 Readers Choice Gold Award by the Tribune-Review Media service. And, it is why were selected for a two-page magazine article in the House to Homes, a weekly guide to Real Estate, Homes and Gardens in August, 2011.

Why aren’t all pest control services equal? Simply put, we have built our business on personal service, lowest cost in the industry, comprehensive pest control coverage (the short of it is we give you more and better coverage for less) and the best guarantees. There are differences and I invite you to read what these are in the next section.

Discover the AABC Differences …

Our Rates:                
We offer a Lowest Rate Guarantee on comparable treatments.

One-Time Fee:             
You pay a one-time fee for your pest control services – no contracts.

Special Offers:
First time customers receive $20.00 off regular pest control home services and existing customers that refer new clients may receive a $20.00 off coupon for their next service.

Armstrong Animal & Bug Control gives you complete coverage. This is an important distinction from many other services. We spray from the floor base to the ceiling in every room from your basement to the attic in addition to comprehensive outside treatments. These treatments cover all pests.

Our services are guaranteed to leave you pest free. If any pests show up within 60-days, we will give you free return coverage.

All the chemicals we use are environmental safe for adults, children and pets.

We offer the only 10-year Termite Guarantee in the business. We have never had a call back for a second termite treatment. That’s a proven record that will give you peace of mind for any termite problem you have and that termites will be completely eradicated.

We offer a Fast Response service within 48-hours and an Emergency Response service to Real Estate and commercial accounts and homes based on a critical need.

We are experienced and guarantee our services for Log Cabin protection from carpenter bees; Bat Exclusion services; and, trapping pesky wildlife on your property.